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03.09.2010  SOUND TO LIGHT - Charles Du Cane/Joe Hamilton . Scot Cotterell/Pip Stafford . Mat Neidra/Andrew Harper . King of the Morning/313RGB . Pilot Error/Jason James. Live Broadcast via Synaesthetics on Edge Radio 99.3fm. Salamanca Arts Centre. 7.30pm Friday September 3rd. 

Presented by Salamanca Arts Centre & 313RGB. Curated by Jason James & Christopher Norman.



31.05.2010 radio guest. WEIRD HEAVY. The final 'Weird Heavy' Radio show on 99.3 Edge FM. Presenter Tim Panateros invited me on to make some selections. Thanks Tim.

14.05.2010 exhibition. TORRENT - Bett Gallery @ Raincheck – a suite of new digital photographic prints. 14 May to 14 July 2010


This new exhibition of limited edition framed archival prints explores the aesthetics of broken and corrupted image files. As opposed to a linear 'string' of information, the Torrent protocol for downloading files gathers distributed particles from disparate sources in a more nebulous fashion than a 'bit by bit' transfer. One can imagine it metaphorically to be more of a dust cloud than a river. The works are generated by downloading a Torrent file containing an alphabetised collection of images of b-grade, horror and exploitation films. The selection of the original 'source' data, in this case the film posters is of importance in that it is obscure cultural material, often produced by unacknowledged artists, and designed with a largely 'throw away' purpose in mind. By ceasing the torrent part way though it's random approach to gathering the millions of fragments of data, portions of the image in it's intended original form are obscured, changed, cut-through or smeared. This process generates some complete images, i.e. with all their intended information and no mistakes, some completely broken images, that are unable to be opened and in between these two states, a series of broken images with differing digital artefacts of the process. This in between state is the works in Torrent.


20.03.2010 - exhibition CONCEPTUAL - CAST Gallery - Lucia Usmiani, Anne Mestitz, Kevin Leong, Leigh Hobba, Scot Cotterell, Megan Walch - Curator: Colin Langridge


 12.02.2010  exhibition PROSOPOGRAPHY -INFLIGHT ARI - Jamin, Kate Kelly, Rob O'Connor, Aaron Horsley, Scot Cotterell, Mat Ward. Academy Gallery B, UTAS Academy of Visual and Performing Arts, Launceston.


Last Minute Gift Ideas, 2010.monitors, projector, lcd screen, various video devices, framed objects, sound element, found scaffold.


26.11.09 - audio/installation - ONO PROJECT 2 - FEATURING LIGHTNING BOLT(USA) and 20+ ARTISTS. In partnership with MONA and Kickstart Arts Inc. featuring LIGHTNING BOLT (USA) and 20 ARTISTS IN ONE DERELICT BUILDING





ONO Project is a Hobart based collective focused on repurposing disused urban space for ground breaking art and sound events.On the 26th of November artists will inhabit and re-activate an empty building near you. Artists include, CHRONOX, Sally Rees, Matt Warren, Evil Goat, Scot Cotterell, Jacob Leary, Andrew Harper, Emma-Jean Gilmour, Pip Stafford, Kate Kelly, Nicole O’Loughlin, Froth Industries, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Tristan Stowards, and more.

Details of the venue will be available via email, SMS, Facebook and word-of-mouth in the week leading up to the event.


06.11.2009 - (audio/performance) - Future Legends, University of Tasmania, Centre for the Arts Grad Show  - Cotterell/Warren -Lack of Input


A durational audio performance using no-input devices, 'Lack of Input' brings together various experiments by cotterell/warren into a live event to co-incide w future legends


04.09.2009 -  (exhibition/collaboration) - BULB -  a time-based light art installation by Jason James w/ Sound by Scot Cotterell.


1) exhibition invitation 2) documentation, photograph by Jason James 3) recording par cans


08.09 -  new photographic project IN:URL will be featured in issue 2 of SMBH Magazine. 

 SuperMassiveBlackHole  is dedicated to the photographic imagery resulting from the time-based processes found in many interdisciplinary art practices today. The magazine seeks to engage and represent respective projects and ideas which utilise Photography,  New  Media and Performance.



18.07.09 - Amplified 09 Festival, Hobart - Writer's Cottage, Salamanca. Improvised performances w/ Leigh Hobba, Michael Fortesque, Greg Kinston and Scot Cotterell.


Thanks - SAC, Amplified.

17.07.09 - Six A Ari, Amplified Showcase - Soundtracks w Dissolve, Matt Niedra, Mumble(speak),Andrew Harper.


Thanks - Six_A, mumbles, harps, swd, mn

17.07.09 -LTTFSA! (Let's Tear this f+_king state apart!) - giant show at Hobart's famous Brisbane Hotel.

The illustrious Harper and I presented this thing Evil Goat. art/doom/poetry.


Thanks - Ruffcut, Dwarf, Amplified, Brisbane.

18.06.09 - DF_ARTE Contemporaneo - Santiago De Compostela, Spain. solo exhibition / performance.


1 month Artist-in-residence at  // made possible with the generous support of Inflight ARI, Arts Tasmania, Australia Council for the Arts and DF Arte Contemporaneo.

Accompanying Catalogue designed by Cath Robinson, Catalogue essay by Sally Rees . text in Eng/Esp here 

Thanks - Fran, Digna, Eva, above 

11.06.09 RUIDO! 8 -live audio performances Df Arte.


 (l to r) joaquin lana, ruido 8 poster w/sc artwork design by fran alvarez, youtube clip (thanks alessandro)

 Thanks - Duran Vazquez, Ejk, Esmer Di.

10.05.09 SONIC BOOM ! 5 , New Farm, Brisbane - Scot Cotterell, Matt Warren, Luke Henery, Kitchen Floors.


(l to r) publicity image, design tom hall. mumble(speak) warren. kitchen floors. Henery doom bass set-up

Thanks - Sonic Boom! Henery, Kitchen Floors

24.04.09 - 11.05.09 - TRIAD . Australian Tour . TRIAD electro-acoustic improvisation trio. Supported by Sound Travellers and Inflight Artist Run Initiative Exhange Program.




04.04.09 (audio/performance) DÜO - A/V expanded cinema. GlitchFest. Dover, Tasmania. collaboration w Matt Warren. feat. Toecutter, Anklepants, Circus Horrificus, Shit Tickets, Doofa, Matt Neidra. Idiotlust, Sunflower Psycho, DÜO, Broken Tiny, 313RGB Soundsystem + more


1) glitchfest logo 2) DUO w/ Golem over matt's shoulder 3) early morning glitch terrorist 4) scot w/ projected text. images: Sally Rees

 01.03.09 (publication) Artlink Magazine / Time . Current Issue - vol 29 no 1


Artlink Magazine, vol 29 no 1 "On Talking Walls" - by Phillip Watkins features the works Mixtape and 1024KRam

26.02.09 (audio/performance)- DAMO SUZUKI NETWORK - Scot Cotterell (electronics), Leigh Hobba (sax), Tim Panaretos (bouzouki), Lisa Rime (bass), Julian Teakle (guitar) and myself; Matt Warren (drums).Special Guests: Brian Ritchie-Shakuhachi and Paint Your Golden Face.


30.01.09 (screening) Guitar Burn @ INFLIGHT@ROOFTOP Project. Inflight ARI presented screenings at Rooftop club. also featured in the Mercury Blog.


Guitar Burn, 2008. (detail) installation shot . image : Rebecca Fitzgibbon


22.01.09 (audio/performance)- LOOOP 2 - 2 x Tape Projects Locked Groove Record, 2 x FM3 Buddha Box, 2 x Life on Mars, M.Warren Lathe Cuts, 2 x 1024KRam, S.Cotterell 7' vinyl. Collaboration w/ Andrew Harper.


1) buddha boxes vs tape projects 2) PYGF, The Native Cats, Andrew/Scott poster 3) mix images: Rebecca Fitzgibbon

19-24.01.09 (exhibition)- Limited Edition (1024K RAM Record), Batteries Not Included, Australian Linux Conference.


Idea: Make a vinyl record from a classic heavy metal song. Process: A midi file of Slayer's Angel of Death is passed from a cracked version of Ableton Live, through an old drum machine, to an Atari St computer. Record it, pass it back. Malfunction: A bootleg wary vinyl factory in Nashville, Tennessee requires extensive copyright registration. Record doesn't arrive on time. Solution: A book of the email dialogue, the system as an austere sculpture in a strobe lit room. Remake at a later date.....This is the remake. Abstract Diagrams. A Limited Zine. Make your own mix on a custom mixer.


03.01.09 (audio/mix) - LOOOP - 2 x Tape Projects Locked Groove Record, 2 x FM3 Buddha Box, 2 x Life on Mars, M.Warren Lathe Cuts @ INSTALLED TASTE, Taste of Tasmania, Hobart. Collaboration w/ Andrew Harper


1) Installed Taste Logo 2) Crossfade on TAPE PROJECTS 3) Would you by a record from this man??

30.10.08 (presentation) 10 x 10 x 10 : Architecture Week. 10 images/10 minutes. Presentation on the 'Repeater' project. Institute of Australian Architects, Hobart Chapter.


1+3)Institute of Australian Architects Hobart Chapters 2) Architecture Week 2008 publicity

02-06.10.08 (workshop)- Dyne:Bolic - the hacktive media toolkit. ElectroFringe Festival NSW. Workshop assistant with SisterO.


1) This Is Not Art, Newcastle, AUS. 2)ElectroFringe 3) Pig and Machine 4) Newcastle textures


10.10.2008 exhibition- /encoding_experience/10_October_2008_17:30_EST.* Plimsoll Gallery, Centre for the Arts, University of Tasmania.


Image credit: nathan menglef 



1) Scot Cotterell, 1024K Ram, glass, toshiba laptop, alesis drum machine, atari st computer, mono sound, smoke machine, strobe lighting 2) 1024K Ram detail, 'Resist She Said', Nancy Mauro-Flude (background). 3) Michelle Teran and Isabelle Jenniches, AFK. Nicola Unger, Hausbenzin, Nathan Menglef & Jessie Darlin' (background) 4) Nathan Menglef, the



29.08.08 performance MIXTAPE. INFLIGHT ARI. Hobart. live a/v performance. html code, youtube, ethernet connection. 30 min duration.


screenshots from mixtape  .html cut'n'paste of embed codes from favorites list, mixed live.


performance of mixtape  .html cut'n'paste of embed codes from favorites list, mixed live.


27-30.08.08 exhibition - Studio One, single channel video w stereo sound in Inflight - Five Years of Art ' - Aug 27-30, 2008


1) Scot Cotterell, Studio One, 2008. single channel video w/ stereo sound. installation detail

08.08  audio-  No Input set at FREE FILM . Salamanca Hobart. w/ Soda Jerk screening. Curated by Hobart Underground. 


1) Salamanca Arts Centre Courtyard 2) Pixel Pirate II : Attack of the Astro Elvis Video Clone, Soda Jerk (detail) image: Emma Maloney

  23.08.08  audio/performance -  TRIAD. w/ Soundtracks will Dissolve & CYCLE. Salamanca Arts Centre. Hobart.



1)TRIAD, surveillance image 2) Soundracks will Dissolve 3) watching CYCLE 4) Matt Warren blur


22.08.08 audio/performance -  TRIAD. 6_A ARI. Hobart. collaborative sound performance project. 

publicity image for TRIAD performance. TRIAD is Scot Cotterell, Tom Hall and Matt Warren.  

lim.ed. dvd w/ recycled paper cover. design by exploit neworks. released by cdm. $ 15 aud/us.+postage. AVAILABLE. ORDER

26.05.08 exhibition   The Longest Wavelength. Sidespace Gallery.26th May -- 3rd June


1) publicity image/catalog cover 2) Zeitgeist, 2008. vintage amplifier, antique mirror, chandelier, packaging, ephemera. AVAILABLE: CONTACT


12.05.08 zine/audio Woman's Monthly Magazine -- Split CD 


Matt Warren & Scot Cotterell / User -- split release cd-r

lim. ed. cd-r containing live recording of SkypeDrone connected performance and selected unreleased material from the user sound project. Second Printing.  available through :   woman's monthly myspace


26.04.2008 audio/performance ‘One-Night Only’ Fringe Club-  Hobart Fringe Closing Party;  SkypeDrone- connected audio performance using Skype Software. Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Arts Centre. feat. Moe Grizzly etc.

 26.04.2008 object/exhibition 10% Pending - artists group w/ flat-pack cardboard public gallery.


1) Hobart photographer Tim Panateros checking out the goods.  2) 10% pending instructions. 3) Half Theory, 2008. Acrylic, Masking Tape, Enamel. N.F.S.


01.04.2008 exhibition/installation Thanks for Having Us : Tristan Stowards & Scot Cotterell : Collaborative installation/s for Six_A  ari. North Hobart. Australia.

"The creations of Stowards and Cotterell, although strikingly different in approach, offer engaging interpretations of artistic practice. Stowards achieves this by sharing his personal experience as an artist with the public in a participatory artwork, and Cotterell by his presentation of anonymous artworks which reject the contemporary art conventions of artistic progression and statements of intent."  Lucy Hawthorne-excerpt from review in RealTime magazine. Which can be viewed here




1) Don't Stop, 2008. circuit-bent sound toy, detail.  2) installation detail. 3) Stezza, 2008. speakers, mdf, adhesive, detail. 4) Busta Move, 2008. modified electronic signage, acrylic, powerboard. 5) Stezza, 2008. speakers, mdf, adhesive, canvas, gaffa tape, packaging tape. detail. 6) Box of Head, 2008. damaged paintings, adhesive, aluminium. detail. 7) publicity image 8) Tristan Stowards' collage wall. 9) Torana Girl, 2008. Acrylic and car badge on found wood, pine. SOLD. 10) Tristan Stowards at home in his work

29.03.2008 exhibition/event/installation ONO Project - One Night Only - 20 Emerging Artists, One Derelict Building. feat. GhostPatrol, Braddock, Empire, Jamin, Scot Cotterell, Pip Stafford, Andrew Harper, Lachlan Conn, Michael Prior, Moira Corby, etc.!


Untitled, 2008. Scot Cotterell. prepared room, posca, led lighting. detail



(l to r) 1. Lach Conn and Michael Prior  2. Empire  3. Jamin 4. GhostPatrol 5. Kirsty Madden 6. Lach Conn  . various photographers

07.03.2008 commission/exhibition   Repeater : A New Work for The 2008 Mountain Festival Sculpture Trail.


1) Repeater, 2008. on-site graffiti, bollards, sign writers vinyl, digital photography 2) twilight install.


02.03.2008 performance/audio -  Art Fete @ Six_a ari. feat. Triad, The Vivids and Drunk Elk. Triad is an audio performance project w/ Matt Warren and Tom Hall. 

 excerpt from Triad live @ six_a

publicity image 


1) the Vivids. 2) Triad 3) Crowd. 

20.02.2008 commission/installation -  Call and Response : a new work by Scot Cotterell for the Clarence Jazz Festival.  An extended game of visual call and response for the Jazz Lounge venue Clarence Jazz Festival 2008 between the artist, the musicians and members members of the public. view the project blog here


16.02.2008 performance/sound carrier -  DAMO SUZUKI NETWORK -- Brisbane Hotel.


publicity poster

 short excerpt from the gig at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, Australia. February 16, 2008.

Sound Carriers left to right: Scot Cotterell, Reggie Norris, Matt Warren, Damo Suzuki, Leigh Hobba, Mathew Anderson


10.02.2008 audio/performance -   ii album launch ; scot cotterell & matt warren live performance. w/ ii (melb), transcription of organ music etc.

 25.01.2008 audio/performance -  ACRID : a performance by Andrew Harper. Matt Warren and I provided the live audio for Harper's latest performance piece 'acrid'.



14.10.2007 audio -  MADS Sea Shepherds Benefit. Republic Bar. Hobart. 'mkb' dj set.


1) courtyard 2) dj dameza on 1s + 2s 3) heads 4) jimmy's ramp 5) lowtek + daltron 6) body blur


02.10.2007 presentation  - FAVSC : Footscray Audio Visual Social Club. Footscray Community Arts Centre Melbourne.




 10.09.07 floortalk/event -  Open & Shut : the sequel. Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery presented by the TMAGgots. Short artist talks for the closing of "Your Call is Important to Us" .


 07.09.07 text/commission -  First We Take Paris, Then we take the World : Jamin. Devonport Regional Gallery 07.09 - 07.10.2007. Catalogue essay commissioned by Jamin and Devonport Regional Gallery.


1) catalogue title page : click to view/download pdf catalogue . 2) "America, Fuck Yeah!" Jamin, 2007, spray enamel on aluminium, 180 x 180cm   // 


24.08.2007 exhibition  -  Guitar Burn @ Board of Inflight. 24th Aug -- 2nd Sept. Inflight Art. Hobart.

This is the third and final leg of an exhibition that has toured FirstDraft Gallery, Sydney, and ArtsAlive, Launceston. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue designed by Cath Robinson, with texts by Bec Tudor and Neil Haddon.

23.08.2007  commission/exhibition  -  YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US...Scot Cotterell, Anthony Johnson, Tricky Walsh. Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Bond Store.

A commissioned video work for a collaborative exhibition between TMAG and Contemporary Art Services Tasmania, curated by Michael Edwards, director CAST Gallery and Graig Judd, Senior Curator of Art, TMAG. Accompanied by a 40 page full-colour, perfect bound catalogue designed by Cath Robinson w/ essays by Andrew Harper, Philip Watkins and Briony Downes. Catalogue photography by Peter Angus Robinson.

Reception, 2007. dvd loop. Stereo sound. 12:07 mins duration. video stills EDITION OF 5 

Your Call is Important to Us... catalogue detail.

Reception, 2007. dvd loop. Stereo sound. 12:07 mins duration.installation detail. image: Peter Angus Robinson


19.08.2007 audio/performance -  TRIAD- Scot Cotterell, Matt Warren, Tom Hall. Brisbane Hotel. Hobart.

(l to r) Matt Warren (laptop, electro-acoustic instruments, voice, guitar), Tom Hall (laptop, percussion, live processing), Scot Cotterell (mixing desk, effects). Photo courtesy Tom Hall.

listen to Triad live.mp3 recording courtesy Tom Hall

18.08.2007 audio/performance - TRIAD- Scot Cotterell, Matt Warren and Tom Hall. w/ Cycle. electronic improvisations. The Loft. Hobart


(l to r) Matt Warren (laptop, electro-acoustic instruments, voice, guitar), Tom Hall (laptop, percussion, live processing), Scot Cotterell (mixing desk, effects). Photo courtesy Tom Hall.

26.07.2007 audio/performance - Salon Bruit : Lichtblick-Kino, Kastanienallee77, Berlin .'User' performance w/ venta protesix + metùo + blanche (italy) - electronic glitch/noise/concrete music. --- ----

(l to r) 1). user graffiti by unknown writer found near studio in berlin. 2). venta protesix 3). user rig 4). venta protesix. Thanks to Seamus/Noisiv and Salon Bruit team.

16.07.2007-26.07.2007. performance/lab  -  5th Internationales Interaktionslabor -- Boulevard der Industriekultur, Quierschied, Göttelborn, Germany. A laboratory for interactive media, design, and performance, on the site of the former coal mine in Göttelborn Saarland, Directed by Johannes Birringer.

(l to r) 1) industrie kultur building. 2) surrounding mine site detail. 3) viewing smokestacks during night tour. 4) daedalus hub. 5) members of daedalus ex machina group and suna no onna group. 6) surrounding mine site detail

working as project guest with Nancy Mauro-Flude and Walter Langelaar on 'Daedalus_ex_machina' performance installation. project website: - see site for more


14.07.2007 audio/performance -  Odd OZ Nite: Auxxx Amsterdam. AUXXX - SATURDAY JULY 14 - OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam feat. THE KLEBER CLAUX MEMORIAL SINGERS, Paraphenalia by SisterO, Paul Glazier and USER. Big Thanks to Hilary at AUXXX, Australia Council for the Arts. //

07/07/07   AUDIO/PERFORMANCE -  DATAHACK @ WORM. Rotterdam. My USER project is the 'surprise act' at this Piet Zwart Institute/WORM event. check: .

Thanks to all at Worm, Pzi media design, Australia Council for the Arts. Thanks to SisterO, Marco, Audrey Samson, Walter Langelaar.

1) .pzi/worm flyer 2) .USER setup 3) .Audience watching Paraphenalia/SisterO 4). Processed porn Dominic Bartkowski.

analog chaos, bass would vibrate table disconnecting faulty power supply and send a spiked bristling crackle through the space, thick bass guitar sounds augmented by technical faults and dodgy wiring, gaffa tape, raw pine and angry sound engineers. //

streaming live Saturday Night 07-07-2007 Stream starts 21.00 hrs (cet&rotterdamtime) :


28-30/06/07 CONFERENCE/ATTENDANT - NEW NETWORK THEORY. Amsterdam. Netherlands. International Conference. University of Amsterdam.

1).sophia drakopoulou: toothing and bluetoothing, 2) Locative Media session. 3) Olia Lialina:the work of users in times of perfect templates 4) Yukari Seko: acting out network


24.06.07 GRANT/DEVELOPMENT -  Skills and Art Development: Australia Council for the Arts. 6 week self-directed mentorship with Australian artist working in Netherlands, Nancy Mauro-Flude. . Numerous projects in Netherlands and Germany. including USER performances, Guest Artist on projects, Performance Laboratory @ InteraktionsLabor. All the above European projects made possible through this grant, Nancy Mauro-Flude and numerous others thanked above.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body


08/06/07 (AUDIO/PERFORMANCE) Tom Hall (bris), mumble(speak) and USER. Trout Bar North Hobart. // // thanks to ivan, gibbo and dave for their support, & matt warren for stellar organisation.

(1) roadshow art?(2) projected light on laptop(3) USER no input mothership rig, (4)trio mumble(speak), Tom Hall, USER


16/05/07  EXHIBITION - Board of INFLIGHT. FirstDraft Sydney. Alicia King, James Newitt, Jamin, Kevin Leong, Cath Robinson, Bec Stevens, Mat Ward, Scot Cotterell. showed my new work 'Guitar Burn'.

GUITAR BURN, Scot Cotterell 2007. Electric Guitar, Ventii Premium Lighter Fluid, Fire, mini-dv/dvd. video still


24/04/07 (CURATORIAL/EXHIBTION) Sex and the City, BUS Gallery, Melbourne. Curated by Scot Cotterell & Ben Kluss/Jamin for INFLIGHT Ari. feat. Mohd Fauzi Sedon, Andrew Harper, Empire, Mat Ward, Carolyn Wigston, Peter Angus Robinson & Jacob Leary. for Making Space.-- .

1) Andrew Harper, PISS(light) dvd projection, detail. 2) Carolyn Wigston in light. 3) Tom O'hern peephole portrait.4) bUS broken window w/ logo. 5) Mohd Fauzi Sedon, Buy 1 Get One Free, installation detail. 6) outside bus smokers/exploding bad of light.7) Blur portrait of punter. 8) Gallery photographer. ----all pics Scot Cotterell 2007

MAKING SPACE - VICTORIAN ARI EVENT 2007--Making Space is the first time artist-run-initiatives (ARIs) in Victoria have all worked collectively to launch a publication and program of exhibitions and activities. In light of this, Bus thought we’d encourage ARIs from outside of Victoria to join in. So…Downtown Art Space (Adelaide), Inflight ARI (Hobart) and Firstdraft (Sydney) come with curated exhibitions of work from their spaces – to be presented in ours. And…not leaving Victoria out of the event, Bus is presenting a show of Melbourne-based artists to complete the circle.



22.04.07  AUDIO/PERFORMANCE - M.A.D.S Forest Fundraiser, Republic Bar, Hobart. Terraphonic Courtyard.

performing as Mkb--rainy sunday evening glitch/break core set, fundraiser for tas forests campaigns, hip-hop, beats, ragga, dub, reggae, electro, break/core outside. Acoustic & Instrumental music inside. Skater action in carpark, tarps kept the rain off.



21.04.07 (COMMUNITY/EVENT) Screen Power launch event, National Youth Week. Produced by KickStart Arts Inc Moonah Arts Centre. DVD Launch event of crawing/video works created by youth exploring notions of power @ Pulse Youth Health Centre.


13 & 14. 4 07 (CURATORIAL) CAST CURATORIAL FORUM & WORKSHOP. Contemporary Art Services Tasmania. Hobart Conference Centre.

The CAST Curatorial Forum and Workshop, Hobart Function and Conference Centre. Papers given by a group of panel members – Stuart Koop (Chair, independent curator), David O’Halloran (Apartment and Glen Eira City Gallery), Jason Smith (National Gallery of Victoria), Laresa Kosloff and Spiros Panigirakis (ClubsProject Inc), Zara Stanhope (Heide Museum of Modern Art) and Kyla MacFarlane (Monash University Museum of Art); short information sessions were given by Tasmanian public gallery representatives.


20.12.06 (AUDIO/PERFORMANCE) FreeFilm Salamanca Arts Centre Courtyard. film content curated by Hobart Underground. 1 Hour Audio Mix by 7 Transistor.

poster by Simon James


15.12.06 (EXHIBITION) ArtMart by Hellavate @ Sabotage

The Hellavate boys cooked up another show of affordable artworks for the last time (sniff) @ Sabotage. featuring works by Jamin, Duncan Ewington, Joe Hamilton, Rob Cordiner, Seb Godfrey, Empire, Momo, Bill Cameron, Simon Gardam, Olly Lawler, Ghostpatrol and my fine self. I showed a series of automatic sketches, studies for 'Each Line begets the next' (see below) .

Big thanks to Hellavates' Jo Hamilton for putting these shows on and Sabotages' Tom Ray for providing the space.


21.11.06 (COMMUNITY/EXHIBITION) ELDERS, Bond Store, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery. Hobart. TAS. Produced by KickStart Arts Inc.-- regular workshops were carried out in 3 locations in southern tasmania with aged residents resulting in collaborative works based on themes expressed by the participants. Objects, pirints, photographs, mixed-media works, sound and video were created by participants facilitated by writer Bernard Lloyd, Lucia Rossi ,photographer and Scot Cotterell, Installation, Video.



1) Detail from Before Lithium installation, cardboard, light, inklet tracing paper. 2) Detail from Chink of Light object installation, found window, curtains, calico, wood. 3) Viewing Did you know? Series of Inkjet Prints, appropriated imagery 4) workshop pic, participant examining personal objects 5) Hands, video installation, dvd loop 6) details of notes used in memoir installation 7) pic from exhibition launch 8) Detail from Pick a life, interactive installation: upon arrival viewers were provided with fragments of personal stories and portions of photographs to add to the work. -- pics 2007 Scot Cotterell


22.11.06 (TEXT/ARTICLE) Cyclic Defrost Magazine. Broken Tiny: an Interview with Matt Warren by Scot Cotterell

above image: Cyclic Defrost issue 15 cover by Bim Ricketson.

Issue 15 Features: interviews with Bim Ricketson, Deepchild, Nico Muhly, Rune Grammofon, Leafcutter John, Matt Warren, Rebel MP, Winduptoys, Post, Astronomy Class, Kid Koala, and coverage of The Big Chill 2006 plus new music reviews, and sleeve design reviews. get it in pdf format here thanks to Cyclic Defrost crew for such a great mag.

article detail


11.06 (PROMO) Saatchi Gallery Website .

My photomedia installation The Life Death Oppositional got a mention on the Saatchi Gallery website along with other artists from Inflight Gallery

check it here:


11.06 (PROMO/PRINT) Togatus : featured artist Scot Cotterell : Fleeting. site-specific installation @ Platform 2, Melb



18.10.06 (VISUAL/PRESENTATION) Pecha Kucha : 20 slides, 20 seconds each slide, 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame. Room 11 , Hobart.

What is Pecha Kucha Night? ----

Pecha Kucha Night, devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture), was conceived in 2003 as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. (Admittedly, it was also a way to get more people to visit SuperDeluxe - their then newly opened multimedia event space in Tokyo). But as we all know, give a mike to a designer (especially an architect) and you'll be trapped for hours. The key to Pecha Kucha Night is its patented system for avoiding this fate. Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each - giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show. Pecha Kucha (which is Japanese for the sound of conversation) has tapped into a demand for a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown, without having to rent a gallery or chat up a magazine editor. This is a demand that seems to be global - as Pecha Kucha Night, without any pushing, has spread virally to over a dozen cities across the world.

Big thanks to all who attended, and the Room 11 crew for being such pleasant hosts.



29/09/06 The Limbus Jukebox: ElectroFringe/Thisisnotart. Cambridge Hotel Newcastle, Aus, Skist (Japan), Ariel Pink (USA), Richard Chartier (USA), My Disco (Melb), Triosk (Syd), Shannon O'neill + Rik Rue, Macromantics (Syd) + loads of others! hot newcastle. festival overload. corrected name on flyer. people lying on floor during set.


23.09.06 (TEXT/REVIEW)' *The Life Death Oppositional' featured in PHOTOFILE Magazine. Issue 78. ed. Elvis Richardson + Sarah Goffman. Text by Phillip Watkins


* (AUDIO/FORUM) Forum presentation on 30th September: State of the Nation as part of Sound Summit 06.


14.08.06 installation assistant for 3 into 1, CAST gallery. . installation assistant for QUOTE @ Salamanca Arts Centre; curated by Colin Langridge. . POWER project: exploring notions of Power with 'at risk youth' though comics, animation, video and sound. produced by KickStart Arts Inc. 10 week project.

12/08/06 . 'ITDE' : It's too Damn Early: is broadcast weekly from WDBX 91.1FM, a not-for-profit community radio station serving Southern Illinois. ITDE Host Dave X played some of my 'ultrasound' project, out of which USER grew. found this out accidentally using google.

ITDE features experimental, electroacoustic, improvisational, ambient, and other "difficult" music of all types


* (VISUAL/EXHIBITION) Photo-installation 'The Life Death Oppositional' featured in '..Text Me' @ Devonport Regional Gallery and Presentation at Artist Run Initiative: Forum

Devonport Regional Gallery director Dr. Ellie Ray curated 'Text Me..': works from INFLIGHT Ari and presented a forum on Artist-Run Initiatives; I showed 'The Life Death Oppositional', presented a talk on art in non-gallery spaces, and spun hard drives alongside dj.Ray for the opening.


* (VISUAL/EXHIBITION) 'Less Everything, More Something' @ Sabotage Gallery.



Secre of Romance . Scot Cotterell 2004. Acrylic and Spray enamel on found Board. 30 x 30cm .



30.07.06 (EXHIBITION) Each Line Begets the Next: Entrepot Gallery, University of Tasmania Centre for the Arts. Enamel and oil on canvas.installation shots:

Scot Cotterell 2006. Each line begets the next : linear_enamel_white. enamel on canvas, 12 panels. SOLD-collection of Tavern 42' South.

Scot Cotterell 2006. Each line begets the next : grid_oil_black. enamel on canvas, 15 panels. AVAILABLE : CONTACT

installation images:


06.07.06* (INSTALLATION/SITE-SPECIFIC) FLEETING @ Platform 2 , Campbell arcade Melb. Aus. for Platform Artists Group Inc. massive thanks to Zoe Harwood and Michael Lang for assitance.



26.06.06.(PERFORMANCE/PROFESSIONAL DEV) Time, Place, Space 5: intensive hybrid-arts laboratory, Brisbane.

Have hit Brisbane and there is a fantastic team of artists here for tps. view tps website here:

blogging the whole thing here: (updated daily)


28.06.06 (EXHIBITION) My Reality, Federation Gallery, CUBE 37 Frankston Arts Centre, Vic. Aus. curated by Amanda Slack-Smith. 28 june - 16 july 2006. Bee Williamson, Alex White, Natalie Tropeano, Simon Norfolk,Renee Gross, Veronica Kent & Sean Peoples, Jeff Kirkland, Sue Keebone, Patrick Lichty, Angela Barnett, Daniel Flood, Scot Cotterell.

My video work for lcd screen feed/swim exhibited


22.06.06 * (AUDIO/PERFORMANCE) Seditious Intent @ SIRENS. screening of video works relating to Australia's latest sedition laws, with beaty turntable action by 7 Transistor aka Scot Cotterell and Simon Brown. shout out to Nick Fitzgerald for organisation. Hobart


21.06.06. (AUDIO/PRESENTATION) The Friendly Ghost: Producers Night, Presented by Beat Rag @ Trout Bar.

An evening for audio producers to present their work in a non-performative listening environment. I Presented some of my USER project.Hobart

The Friendly Ghost (can you see him?)


02.06.06. Confirmed works in three group shows: 'Text Me' @ Devonport Regional Gallery.+ 'My Reality' @ Franskton Arts Centre, and 'Less Everything, More Something' @ Sabotage Gallery.Hobart, Devonport and Melbourne


28.05.06. Just finished installation of 'Contingency Plan' @ CAST Gallery. Hobart


24.05.06 *(VISUAL/EXHIBITION) Each Line Begets the Next @ Entrepot Gallery opens.

review on Hobart


02/03.06. Hobart Fringe Festival, Night Market, Criterion St Hobart, Aus. played on the back of a semi-trailer truck to packed city street. Two kids would scream, run away, then come back and repeat. Thick spooky sounds wafted up the street



* (VISUAL/TEXT) Essay for and installation of Vince Dziekan's REMOTE exhibition @ Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart.


* (AUDIO/TEXT) Review writing gig for Cyclic Defrost, Sydney/

Australia-based electronic music magazine sydney


01.05.06 (UPDATE) New House, New Studio and New website! studio located at 237 Elizabeth St Hobart and website at (will slowly transfer across from


05.04.06 *(VISUAL/EXHIBITION) FOLIE A TROIS, Bus Gallery. Melb

feat. Jamin, Sally Rees and Scot Cotterell. Inflight ARI exchange show. flyer design by SC. Melbourne


15.03.06 (EXHIBITION/FESTIVSL) NEXT WAVE: 2006 Next Wave Festival. 100 Points of Light. Melb. video work SHAKE shown.


31.02.06--09.04.06 (COMMISSION/SCULPTURE) FISSURE . 2006 Mountain Festival Sculpture Trail.

materials: approx 6m pvc piping. Bondcrete. River bed / / winner: 2nd place Hobart Water prize

images: (left) 3d render of fissure (right) proposed site for installation

' Fissure acts as a type of amplifier, drawing attention not only to the sound travelling within the tube but also visual attention to a normally insignificant feature of the rivulet bed. It's function is to conver the sounds of rushing water up to an easily audible apparatus on the bank through a simple transfer of energy; water making sound running through a cylinder ' -quote from catalogue text


03.02.06--24.02.06 *(VISUAL/INSTALL) THE LIFE DEATH OPPOSITIONAL . INFLIGHT Artist run initiative.

'The Life-death oppositional comprises the residue of two separate google image searches using the terms ‘life’ and ‘death’ as provocations.Partly as a response to recent realist photography, but also to do with setting parameters within a system in order to facilitate the creation of art; a kind of improvisatory structure, I conducted the two searches and chose only images that were photographic and only images that appeared in someway posed or constructed. The connection of photography to visual truth of an actual event is a core interest in this work.The images used now exist beyond the camera that may have created them; they are searchable database items, files on a cd, and now digital prints. I have retained no record of their origin.' -quote from catalogue text

The Life Death oppositional is an edition of 10. each edition contains 50 photographic images on fuji crystal archive paper, wrapped in felt and contained in an enamel painted black wooden box with engraved plaque. There are currently 8 editions remaining for purchase.





01.07.05 (AUDIO/PERFORMANCE) Liquid Architecture 6 : Australian National Sound Art Festival Opening night, North Melbourne Town Hall Artshouse.

1) dj olive (usa) 2) scot cotterell 3) will guthrie (fr/aus) . pics 1 & 3 by Luke Jaaniste

Liquid Architecture, Australia’s premier sound-arts festival, celebrated its sixth year with concerts, artist talks, workshops, forums, live performance, exhibitions, installations, audio-visuals and recorded work. Featuring our most imaginative musicians, composers, film-sound designers and media artists in a sense-specific feast for the ears. -quote from la6 website


/10/2005 Elec~Sonic Bbq: ElectroFringe festival, Newcastle, Australia w/ Abject leader, Lloyld Barrett, Gail Priest and Sam James, Simulus, Jodi Rose, Miha Ciglar, xNoBBQx, Monika Brookes, Soul Mirage. Hot Newcastle, played in a returned servicemans room filled with aus flags and old pictures of the queen. Jodi Rose's tin foil bridge was cute.

recorded live for ABC Radio National's 'The Night Air' program


25.08.05 (exhibition) Handcut Vinyl @ Resonator, Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart. Tasmanian Living Artists Week. Christl Berg, Pat Brassington, Scot Cotterell, Ruth Frost, Bill Hart, Derek Hart, Leigh Hobba, Anne Mestitz, Brigita Ozolins, Robin Petterd, Emidio Puglielli, Diana Reale, David Stephenson & David Sudmalis Curated by Derek Hart

Handcut Vinyl 2005, Hand carved perspex disc, Turntable, Speakers, Monitor




06.05.2005 (performance) SIGHT & SONIC feat. Dj Olive (NY), Gusto, MkB, Time Office


 06/2005 Time, Place, Space 4 . 2 week Hybrid Arts Laboratory. AAC Arts Adelaide, Aus. Audio performance with poet Gareth Jenkins (syd).


04/2005 Trout w/ Hermetic Nemesis, w/ K Mason, North Hobart. Australia. Trout hotel, did breakcore set @ Sight/SOnic shortly after at Inflight Gallery w/ dj Olive etc


03/2005 Mortal Machines Cluster , Sirens Hobart w/ Idiot lust, Hard Off , separatist, the Grim, Gusto Co.... Sirens, Hobart. Aus.see flyer, played mini-television and two am radios w/ gus on electric drill and simon on groovebox, User set made metalhead sad


12/2004(exhibition) Zen for Tv fragmented (homage to paik). CAST Gallery. Members exhibition.


1.) Zen for TV fragmented (Homage to Paik), 2004. deconstructed television, vcd, nylon, perspex, dvd player.


05-dec-2004 ADSR: attack, decay, sustain, release. Hobart Fringe Convergence @ The Venue, Hobart. free electronic audio conference and event. reggie norris (IMAP, Moe Grizzly), Angus Rofe (gusto), Maus (IdiotLust, Sokuseki Men), Chris Groves (Chrysalis), Matt Oakes


27.07.04(work) act with intent//1: re-surfacing residue of ephemeral degrading projection. digital image and action. public internet kiosk duration:11 mins. Sydney Airport. act committed: insertion of one dollar (AUD),enter, click 'ephemeral degrading projection', walk away

edp1 2004, digital image.


07.08.2004 @ Coven w/ Chrysalis, Trout Hobart, Australia. gothic dress-ups, green light, LOUD (chrysalis). funny poster



06/04. One Night / Ephemeral Degrading Projection 2004. alleyway, found spliced 16mm film, sandpaper Bell + Howell 16mm Projector.



work ran for approx. 3 hours before breaking, white light square left on wall till morning


9th May 2004. The Moebius Strip @ The Venue, Janssen Herr dvd launch, Salamanca, Australia. cd player stood in for me in my absence, User tracks used to accompany Janssen's film screening and add to the general b&w feel


July 2004 USER@ Underground Film Screening, The Venue, Hobart , Australia


2004 HOTEL: A Film by Janssen Herr. One of the first ever composed USER pieces was used for dream sequences in Aus/Swedish Filmmaker Janssen Herr's low-budget b&w opus HOTEL. strobe light, intense dream scene throbbing audio.


2004 .Trans-form : an exploration of computer generated space : Australian Architect Michael Nowson commissioned one of my USER audio works to accompany a complex 3d animation as part of his master's degree at RMIT .beautiful organic, code genrated forms evolve on screen to a crackling, deep, primordial, electric soundscape.


11/04/04.TIME AND SPACE DIED YESTERDAY; futurist reconstruction of the universe Teatrum Anatomicum, Waag Society for New and Old Media. Amsterdam.connected performance via telephone between Sc in Hobart Tasmania and SisterO in Amsterdam. Audio generated by Custom Patches processed live by Sc, Movement reconstruction of 'Dancer in Blue' byNancy Mauro-Flude /


concepts of teleportation, meetings in non-physical space with multiple physical manifestations and ritual performative connections fed a month of pre-performance email discussion resulting in a precarious but beautiful connection performed at Waag Society, Amsterdam .. SisterO enters a spotlit space, calls Scot, connection is made and an assistant takes the telephone and routes it thru the sound system, Scot begins to process imagining nancy moving, the performance lasts for five minutes and fades to silence.


03/2004 (performance/audio) Echo Chamber. Echo Chamber consists of four electret microphones modules and a contact microphone, a four channel mixer and a digitech rp-6 effects processor running a dual delay/reverb patch with live processing capabilities.// The system was primarily designed for MD/SM installation in Kelly's Garden, Salamanca, Hobart, Aus. in which three mics were located on the ground, one in a tree and the conact mic (capable of picking up vibrations) was attached to a four-flight steel this way the organic sounds within the space (wind, leaves, birds) were mixed with the sounds of habitation (direct and indirect audience input, mobile phone interference) and the transference of energy (wind, people climbing stairs) from the stairwell mic all became part of an evolving soundscape over which no one particualr person had complete control.

1. performing echo chamber. 2. system diagram w/ Ede Strong and Ellen Blackman

echo chamber manifestations:

echo chamber #1 : installed at Media Divination/Sideshow Moderne>>Kellys Garden Salamanca Dec 03. echo chamber # 2 : performed at Blink Improlab. Hobart Jan 04 w/ Ede Strong. echo chamber # 3 : performed at OdDBall Cabaret Peacock Theatre Mar 04 w/ Ede Strong, Ellen Blackman. echo chamber #4 : performed at Sleeping Dogs Launch Backspace Theatre Mar 04 w/ Ede Strong, Ellen Blackman.


12/03. (exhibition) Visual Sampling. Loft Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart. Scene photo installation. also curated into 2003 Noise Arts Inititative webgallery.


20/11/03. MDSM: Media Divination/Sideshow Moderne' . collaborative event with SisterO, Sarah Duffus, Dave Scully. Kelly's Garden Salamanca. Hobart.

link to sisterO documentation



2007 Scot Cotterell